Nimrod Harel is a Master Mentalist of the highest caliber.

Nimrod Harel is a Master Mentalist of the highest caliber. As the creator and host of five worldwide Mentalism TV shows, he is renowned as an international master and one of the leading exponents in this unique field. In his shows, Nimrod presents an incredible range of astonishing phenomena related to the mind and body, exploring the connection between them and then probing beyond their realm. This show has received wide acclaim and enthusiastic praise from every audience around the globe.


My Techniques

The methods used by Nimrod in his shows are many and varied. They run the entire range from the fields of psychology to the world of illusion. They are not something you are born with, but are learned - Nimrod doesn't claim to have "super powers". However, he does claim to have a deep understanding of human perception, and of the ways to manipulate and tamper with its delicacy. Nimrod closely guards the secrets of his specific techniques which he has developed over many years of study and training - techniques that leave psychologists, hypnotists and magicians alike with an awe-stricken open jaw.




Nimrod's live show is suitable for any size audience, from small to extremely large – up to 5,000 people. It's an interactive mentalism show, audiences participate in an evening of astonishing phenomena, and experience firsthand excursions into hypnotic suggestion, deciphering body language, transference of feelings, the power of intuition, journeys into the memories of others, telekinesis and many more exciting and tantalizing acts. Nimrod has presented his live show numerous times around the world, where it has been highly acclaimed. You think you've seen it all ?... Think again.


Nimrod specializes in producing business oriented shows for every type of business or corporate event in any location around the globe. The focus of these business oriented shows, besides being highly entertaining and totally mind-boggling, is to convey corporate messages and information about the company's products (through the "back door" as it were), in a way that they will be indelibly printed on the minds of both clients and employees. Based on in-depth pre-planning strategy sessions with the company's Marketing personnel, Nimrod builds a unique show exclusively designed to incorporate the client company's aims, vision, values, and product range. The client dictates the messages it desires to present (e.g. new product launches, corporate strengths, future goals, motivating employees etc.), and Nimrod will assure that these messages will reach and penetrate the target audience of choice. Nimrod combines his expert computer knowledge (B.Sc. Software Engineering) with his extraordinary talents as a Perception Artist to create interactive effects displayed on giant screens throughout the show, suitable for an audience of up to 5000 people. Hundreds of the world's leading companies use Nimrod's talent to create unforgettable events. Make sure your next corporate event is something to remember.


Every convention, conference, or mass corporate or public event can be greatly enhanced by using Nimrod Harel as the Master of Ceremonies (M.C.). Nimrod tailor-makes astonishing visual effects through which the organizers' messages are conveyed. These are interspersed between the various lectures and speeches on the program, together with entertaining passages that are guaranteed to keep the audience attentive and focused. The result – a smooth and natural flow created between the different sessions of the event, and above all, the participants are provided with an enjoyable and intellectually challenging experience.

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